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By Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver

July 08, 2013 10:44 a.m.

Mary Weaver is on weight loss journey with HMR, a clinically monitored weight management program through Sarah Bush Lincoln, and is sharing her experience with our community. She resides in Neoga with her husband, Ray.

Day 20

Got home from work and decided I would go for a bike ride. I rode in the heat for 60 minutes and wrung my clothes out when I got home. I got to cool off with a Mango Peach shake that I made from a sugar-free drink mix. It was really good and cold.

I am happy to report that Ray, my husband, is doing shakes with me at night. I am glad he is because it make me feel less guilt for not cooking...oh yeah...I only felt guilt for a nano second as he always gets the "good" TV when there is a Cardinal Game on like tonight.

I didn't see too much on my bike ride to report but even though it was hot it is a good way to relax...except for the hill by Jennings brought a tear to my thigh. I plan on keeping up with the biking as I have a goal of riding a 10-mile ride with Molly and Roger sometime. I need to get a helmet and I would like another old lady to ride with me as I imagine I will be an anchor to Molly and Roger.

As every day since I started this journey, I thank all for your comments and suggestions. I think it is time to end for today. You know long stories and long fairy tales have a tendency to dragon.....

In The Box.

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