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By Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver

July 12, 2013 2:44 p.m.

Mary Weaver is on weight loss journey with HMR, a clinically monitored weight management program through Sarah Bush Lincoln, and is sharing her experience with our community. She resides in Neoga with her husband, Ray.

Day 22

Whooppeee!! Today was weight-in day and I lost six pounds for a total of 18 in three weeks. But that is not the good news. The good news is I can go off half of my blood pressure medication. So I am getting healthier and richer! What a deal!

In the program, we are told about calories. I always thought calories were tiny creatures that lived in your closet and sewed your clothes tighter every night. But I am learning that by doing calorie-burning physical activity, they can be controlled. This week I was able to burn up 4,200 in physical activity. And you can burn them in short spurts, if you want.

I got to thinking, where were those 18 pounds? I got very brave and looked at my naked body in the mirror.....eeeeks! Usually I try not to do that, just focus on the eyes, as I have never seen anyone with fat eyes. I am not ready to abdicate....give up all hope of having a flat stomach... but I am going to have a lot of tightening up to do. Gravity is not my friend and I am glad my tattoo is on my ankle!

I have talked about the shakes and soup that I eat, but I haven't said much about the bars. There are four kinds and I have tried three. There is chocolate, peanut butter, honey graham (my favorite) and blueberry (haven't tried that one). I think these are a life saver, as I have learned my worst “grazing" is done as soon as I get home from work. I time it now so I can drink a large glass of water and eat a bar on the way home. By doing this, it keeps me from eating anything moving or stationary in my house. Does anyone have other tips?

Thanks for all support and ideas that have been sent to me. I appreciate it more that you can ever know. I want to give a shout out to my group that met tonight. Everyone had good results.

Sign in a soda shop: Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream!

I am In the Box.

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