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By Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver

June 22, 2013 5:21 p.m.

Mary Weaver is on weight loss journey with HMR, a clinically monitored weight management program through Sarah Bush Lincoln, and is sharing her experience with our community. She resides in Neoga with her husband, Ray.

Day 3

Saturday was day three. I decided to get a pedometer, so I drove to Mattoon to get one and a new pair of sneakers (athletic or walking shoes -not a candy bar) since mine are more than 10 years old and hey, I love shoes. So I get the pedometer and get to the sporting goods store and find a great pair of pretty blue shoes that are even on sale. I go to pay for said shoes and my debit card is "declined.” This is the same card used to buy gas, pedometer, and a shirt at a resale shop. Plus I was just paid! I tell them to run it again and again and again. By now my face is almost as red as the shirt I just bought. I asked them to hold my shoes (and a pair of socks) so I can go to the bank ATM. When I get to the ATM to check my balance, I get a print out saying my card has been reported as lost..since I did not report it I have to wait until Monday to call the bank and just hope no one has stolen my identity.

So home to Neoga I go sans shoes and get my hubby's ATM card (I did Dave Ramsey and only have an ATM card), which works great at the Neoga ATM and drive back to Mattoon to get my pretty, did I say, comfortable shoes. Half way to Mattoon, the sky opened up and the floodgates opened. Anyhow, I get to the store, get my new shoes and socks and decided I will go to the mall, put on my new pedometer and shoes and go for a stroll, brisk that is.

Once at the mall, luckily I get a close parking spot to the door, because there is enough water falling out of the sky that I get re baptized on the way in. I find a chair to change into my new sneakers and clip on the pedometer. I look at the instructions for the pedometer and because I got the one that checks your heart rate, calories burned, time walked, I find that the sucker has more buttons to push than a rocket ship to the moon. In addition, I did not have my glasses to read the fine print.

At last I get my shoes on sans the pedometer and have a nice brisk 310-calorie burning walk. After this I am thinking I need a reward and of course it can't be a cookie, so I go see my friends at the nail salon at the mall and get a pedicure using the few bucks I had left over from paying for my new shoes. So as I sit here writing this, I see my pretty pink toenails.

I was hoping to walk again when I got home, but the weather did not allow it, so I am hoping to get in a stroll or step tape extra on Sunday.

By the end of the day, I met all the program requirements and I feel physically fit and not hungry. Signing off from In The Box.

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