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By Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver

August 12, 2013 11:46 a.m.

Day 54

Back to work on a beautiful Monday. A co-worker, Kristy, is starting the plan today. Instead of going to the cafeteria for lunch we walked for a half an hour outside and it was beautiful. Not so beautiful with all the rain when I got off later in the afternoon, so I was glad I got some physical activity in before the rain.

I bought a measuring wheel and am going to measure the area that I walk in the hospital on the ground floor (basement) tomorrow. My program really doesn't specify how far you walk, it is how long you walk. But I just want to know for myself. Also I have heard different estimates of how much one has to walk to equal a mile.

August 15, I am joining the Mattoon YMCA. The Y has a promotion starting that day that waves the start up fees. I am going to hire a trainer for one session for weight training to improve bone intensity and to see is there is any hope of tightening up some loose skin. I haven't seen everything available there, but I believe I will enjoy the walking track this winter. It seems now that I am doing the physical activity, it actually feels good, especially since I have been able to eliminate several of my meds....that is the VERY best!

I attended my Red Hat meeting at a local restaurant in Neoga tonight. I ate before I went and ordered decaf coffee so no temptation and was able to stay on the program.

To all of you who have stayed with me on my journey thus far thanks for being there for me. You are all the BEST.

My wedding anniversary is August 14 and I plan to stay on the program. I just realized that I haven't done the hokey pokey in more than 10 years. I guess when you get older, you just forget what it is all about.

I am In The Box.

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