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By Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver

August 13, 2013 11:49 a.m.

Day 55

Did you ever buy something or think you bought something and couldn't find it? I found a bottle of caramel in a shoe box that fit that description. I took it to work and put some in a chocolate shake and it was awesome! I repeated for supper. Now, if I could just find the shoes!

After I got home I went on a bike ride. I have been walking and thought I should change things up. When I got going, I thought, 'hey this is a breeze,' but half-way home I discovered it really was a breeze that had been behind me and now it was in front of me and it was rather strong! I had to put out extra effort. In addition, I had a failure. I decided to ride my bike up the interstate overpass. Half way up the little train that "I think I can, I think I can"...couldn't. I ran out of steam and had to walk up the last several feet. So now, I have a new challenge to meet. I gotta say, coming down was really a breeze. Between the bike ride and a walk at work I got in 1.5 hours of physical activity.

Speaking of work, I took my measuring wheel to work and Kristy helped me measure some of the areas I see employees walking.

If you don't work at the hospital, you may want to skip this, but for my fellow working mates here is the information. If you walk from the time clock just outside of the back door of the cafeteria, out the north employee entrance and walk as straight as you can to the north end of the parking lot that is 564 feet. If you work five days a week and park on the outer perimeter of the parking lot, you will walk a mile during your work week.

Rounded off, it takes nine laps to get a mile by circling the front of the cafeteria, down to accounting and past IS, Medical Record Management and Facility Services (597 ft.). If you add going behind the service elevators and behind the cafeteria six circles will get the mile(879 ft).

If you omit the Education center and walk the entire perimeter of the basement including the hall to MRI, lab and to every stairwell, a little more than three laps equals a mile (1716 ft.)

Be aware, these are not exact and we are not surveyors, but we are close. Remember it is not how far you walk, but how long you are doing physical activity.

Everyone gets butterflies. The trick is getting them to fly in formation.

I am In The Box.

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