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By Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver

September 03, 2013 7:54 a.m.

Day 71, 72, 73, 74, 75

I hope everyone had a good holiday. I went camping with my husband and parents. I love camping as I get lots of outside time and lots of physical activity. Since I have been going to the Y, I have not been riding my bike. At the campground they have great roads for riding. I did about a half an hour on the bike and was thinking that I was getting tired and my endurance seemed down. I road a little more and got off for something. I moved the bike and heard a noise somewhere around the front wheel. Upon further checking, I found my front brake was engaged! After I got that adjusted, all went well. I found I can take on steeper inclines without difficulty and can even stand up to pedal. I am thinking I might sometime make a spinning class. Who knew?

My weight management class has moved from Thursday to Tuesday and I have met a new group of friends. We had weigh-in and I have now lost 38 pounds. Some of my group has been on the program since May and one lady has lost 65 pounds and has NEVER cheated... since May! She, too, talked about how much better she felt. Another has lost 37/38 pounds and said she was always a size 18, and this weekend got into a size 10. But even better than the size 10, she no longer has to take ANY prescribed medications. She was able to stop blood pressure and cholesterol medications. Most heartwarming is a young lady who is mentally handicapped, and since May, she has (with the help of her mother) lost 50 pounds. She is able to participate in the group and is so sweet. She told us tonight that sometimes her Mommy locks the refrigerator. I was thinking I need Mommy to come to my house!

I have only two weeks to go for the 13-week program and feel this has been a very good program. I am not in it now to look good, but to feel good....and I do. I intend to continue the program for a few more pounds then the hard work begins...keeping it off. Again, this is not a commercial, but if you want to feel better and have weight-related problems, as with all journeys, just take the first step and get in the box.

You know you are fat when you get on a rowing machine....and it sinks.

I am In The Box

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