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In the Box

By Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver

September 08, 2013 8:30 a.m.

Day 78, 79, 80

Thus far my journey has been about weight management, but over the last three days, I have learned about life management which is something I believe all we food addicts have to manage.

There was a death in my family of an Aunt, who was very special to me and her pasing was very stressful for me. Generally when under stress, I realized that my usual MO was to find a hole, crawl in with a good supply of food and pull the top over until my emotions were "medicated" with the food. Then, I would crawl out and sluggishly enter the race track of life, sometimes feeling empty.

So where is the lesson? I realized had two choices; I could go find a hole, or I could go and be the example that I knew my Aunt has been. She would have shed some tears, which I did, then she would have rolled up her sleeves and tried to be of some help. It was sort of like I could choose emotional numbness and just "exist," or choose life. It really didn't take anything to give a hug and a kiss to her immediate and extended love ones, to listen and to share a sweet memory, and even have an occasional laugh. There were close to 1,000 people who came to her visitation and they were there because a long time ago she chose life and had somehow touched each one of them. Talking with a lot of them, it was the little things that she did that had made an impact on them.

Another lesson: I have the same power....and so do you. Life is really an adventure to be lived, not a mystery to be solved. We won't always understand why things happen, and most of all there are going to be changes that we don't want to face, but when we do, we have the power and strength to live and perhaps teach someone else a lesson. It could be an epiphany for them, which can lessen the addictions that have a hold on us.

So my challenge to you all, regardless of your stresses or food addictions, is: Put down the fork and choose life....make a difference.

I am In The Box...of Life.

Thank you Aunt Mary Flo.

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