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By Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver

September 13, 2013 8:30 a.m.

Day 84

Okay, so the best treadmill stories are the ones about how the person fell off and busted their face. Well sorry to disappoint you all, but this evening after work, I did a 40-minute jog out of the 60-minute work out. I felt like a real "jock," or would that be "jock-ette" due to all the sweat spots on my hot pink workout shirt. I recently read that if you jog, that will kick your metabolism up and it stays up longer than if you walk. Of course the source was in "Parenting" magazine that I was reading while waiting in the doctors office. At any rate, once I was in the groove, my brain enjoyed the jog, but I think my heart and lungs were trying to break out of my chest.

I made my quota of shakes, water, vitamins and physical activity today. With the HMR program you get a book that you can document your intake and other program requirements. I have filled up one book, so I decided to use My Fitness Pal app on my cell phone. It works quite well, is a free download and an easy way to keep track of your calories. All you have to do is type in what you ate and the program lists several choices from which to choose. All the HMR products are in the app so it is easy and fast. In the past I have had friends use the app and have been successful in loosing and keeping off unwanted weight.

Tomorrow I am taking the day off and am going to Collinsville, Il to the International Gem Show. The show is usually twice a year and you can find supplies to make jewelry or buy it ready made. You can find things from one cent to $10,000+. I always enjoy going. I just think wouldn't it be nice if "retail therapy" was covered by health insurance? I bet I could burn right through that deductible pretty quick as I sure like "bling." Last year when I went, I think we went to a buffet for lunch. Later tonight I will figure out what to pack so I can stay on target.

If some one asks you if you "have a sec" and you answer, "I have lots of secs," they will forget their original question.

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