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By Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver

September 15, 2013 9:07 a.m.

Day 87

In four days, my 13-week core program will be complete. Time has flown by very fast. I believe I am going to continue on the no-decision plan for just a bit longer. "No decision" means I will continue on the shakes. It is weird but I look at food and don't feel the pull that I have in the past. Food smells also don't get to me the way they did.

I attended my family reunion today and got caught up on the happenings. I took my cereal and enjoyed the conversation. It is always fun to see the new additions to the family.

This week will be a challenge for me to get in physical activity. I have something going every night. I am hoping to get off work in time to hit the Y in time to get home shower and take off for the festivities. All my evening activities are fun things with fun people, and I am looking forward to the week.

Wednesday I have an appointment with an ENT (Ears, Nose, Throat) doctor. It seems a couple of weeks ago I was in a town hall meeting at work listening to CEO Mr. Ols, when I propped by right ear on my right hand. Suddenly I couldn't hear him talking, but his lips were still moving. So I thought to myself....something isn't right. I called and got in to see my doctor that day and had an exam including a hearing test that I flunked. My doctor told me it might be allergies, so we tried treating that for two weeks. Last week I saw her and she told me a couple more options we could try, one of which was having a tube placed in my left ear drum. She said we could try these things, but the bottom line is that my hearing loss will likely involve major ear surgery to repair my hearing as a hearing aid won't work.

Being ever hopeful, I said lets try the tube. So I had a tube inserted in my ear at the office. (No, it did not hurt) At this time I do not feel the tube has improved anything. When I see her on Wednesday I will get more information about the surgery, like the odds of it restoring my hearing. She already said I will have to go to Springfield. Point of this story, you may have to speak up if you are on my left....for a while. Since I have had a couple of weeks to think about this, does anyone need any ear buds? I realized I have probably bought a dozen sets in the last eight months because I thought I had broken them....especially the left ear. I also realized, my ear has been ringing (more like chirping) for several months. I will keep you all posted.

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