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By Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver

September 16, 2013 12:34 p.m.

Day 88, 89

For the last two days I have stayed on the program. I met all the requirements. Today I weighed in and had a low weight loss, but a total of 42.2 pounds in 13 weeks. I have noticed that one week I will lose two to three pounds and the next week .2 pounds. I am still very happy with my progress.

As I was writing this, I reached for a drink and noticed my underarms flopping to and fro. Do you think I can buy a foundation garment for my upper arms? I made it to the Y after work and walked for an hour on the treadmill. I need to get on a machine that will help tighten up my arms.

Only two more days and my 13 weeks will be up. I am going to continue on the no-decision program for a while longer. I would like to lose some more before I transition to food. During these weeks, I have so appreciated the support from my friends and family. I do believe that is one of the reasons I have been successful. So again, thank you.

Remember the only difference between a champ and a chump is u.

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