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In the Box Week 19

By Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver

November 04, 2013 2:47 p.m.

Week 19

I have had a super busy week and this is the first time that I have been able to sit down and collect my thoughts.

On Tuesday I attended class with my group. I had a weight loss of 1.2 lb. Our leader gave us some new recipes to try over the holidays that will be upon us soon. One of them is Pumpkin Pie Shake. It is one Vanilla Shake mix, 4 to 6 oz cold water 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice and 3 ice cubes. Blend the first three ingredients. Add ice cubes one at a time until thoroughly blended. I think I will try this with hot water for a warm drink.

I think I will be on the bad list as we are to do a mid-week check-in to report progress or problems and I forgot to check-in. Oops!

At the meeting I made a “exercise” date with one of the gals from my group, Kristy. We met Friday afternoon at the Y. It was nice to have a “exer-pal.” It made the time go by quickly. I have been going to the Y instead of walking or biking and while I love the Y.

I decided this weekend to take one of my old 5-mile walks. I had forgotten how much I like walking. I have the time to think and ponder on a variety of thoughts. It is very relaxing to me to free flow one thought into another…wow look how beautiful that tree is, oops don’t step on the crack you know what it does to a mother’s back, I wonder if that snake is a water moccasin that is squished on the road, and so on. As for my thoughts, I’m not afraid to admit that I’m not the sharpest elevator in the sea. I have a question for you; do you think all those old Rock n’ Roll guys and gals really dance and sing at the same time? I always take my iPod with me, but when I try to sing when I walk, I can’t….oh I forgot, I can’t sing when I am stationary either. At any rate, I think the old RNR folks lip sinc.

I have written before about how I think sizes have changed. I finally found the answer a couple weeks ago in the JG-TC newspaper article. It seems compared to the 1930s females, we now weigh about 25 pounds more. The gist of the article explained how clothing makers have been “Fanta-sizing” clothing. About every decade they “downsize” one size. Thus that explains why I wore a size 16 when I weighed 113 in 1966. With jeans it seems the size is different by each brand, but now I know why I can wear a size 10. it is the “new” 14-16. The article had other interesting information and was a good read.

This weekend I had my grandson, Hunter Morgan Douglas Lee. He will be 4 at the end of the month. The child does not have a “stop” button. He does everything on the go but when he crashes it’s like someone hit his “kill” switch. He was a lot of fun, even though his playing with toys was like using a blender with no lid. As he was throwing stuff around, I asked him what he was doing and he looked at me like I was slow, "I am digging through the toys, Grandma." I got him a blue race car that is motorized and he was riding around on it Saturday. It was rather chilly and windy and he only had on a blue lightweight windbreaker. I got out a heavier coat but he wouldn't put in on because, "It doesn't match my car, Grandma." Can't wait to see how he is when he is in his teens!

Stalking is when two people go for a long romantic walk together but only one of them knows it.

I am In The Box.

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