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In the Box Week 44

By Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver

June 24, 2014 4:08 p.m.

I haven't posted since in so long I have lost count of what week it is in my weight management journey. Since the Friday after Easter I was away taking care of my mother who was very ill (like 4 hospitals and 8 ambulance rides). I was with her for 6-7 weeks. While she is better she has a way to go. I was with her at her worst when finding the correct diagnosis was challenging. If I was to rate my stress level of none being 0 and 10 the most I had ever experienced, I would have to say I was a 15. For the first few weeks, I was able to stay on track, but after 5 weeks of stress, worry and frustration, I treated my stress with Casey's Pizza, Lays Potato Chips, frozen waffle's, ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream with hot fudge. Oh, I think I forgot the Blizzard, and Concrete Mixers.

When I finally checked in at the Weight Management department at work last week, I put on 10 pounds. Yikes! I worked so hard to get them off, but I think I worked even harder putting them back on. In addition the weeks that I was gone, I got almost no physical activity i.e.; exercise. The no exercise has make me feel sluggish and my body doesn't seems as fit. My smaller clothes still fit if a little tighter, but they just feel different.

So tonight on the way home from work, I stopped at the YMCA and got in some PA. I can tell my endurance is down, but IT FELT GOOD!!!! I never thought I would be saying that. I will be calling on all my buddies for all the positive vibes you can send my way. And thanks to you who prayed for my mother.

With my mother's illness and continued need for assistance I made one of those life changing decisions. I am retiring. In fact I am selling my house, and relocating to the Fairfield area. I have worked at Sarah Bush since 1976 and I have loads of good memories, tons of friends and a feeling of sweet sorrow as I had planned to work for quite awhile longer. I have so enjoyed being a nurse. I have had the honor of taking care of some of the nicest people in the world and some of the cutest kids; especially the kids. You never know what they were going to say. I remember a cute little boy was going to have surgery. He was being seen by one of the anesthesiologist on staff who had given the kid a color book and crayons and had him sitting on his lap while he talked with the boy's mother. Before the doctor finished with assessment, he asked the little boy if he had any questions. The little cutie looked up from his coloring and said "Yes, why does YOUR breath stink?" My favorite of all favorite patients are the men and women who served in WW II. There are so few of them and the stories they tell.

Over the years I have learned to ask patients, "Is there anything I need to know about you that will help with your care?" One day I asked this of a very thin tall young man. I still smile when I think of his answer, "I'm so skinny I have to run around in the shower to get wet?"

I am In The Box (Again)

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