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In the Box Weeks 36 & 37

By Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver

March 10, 2014 9:13 a.m.

I made it back from Baton Rouge last week, and have been in the “getting-back-in-the-grind mode” since, so this is the first opportunity I could collect my thoughts and jot them down. While in LA., I fell off the wagon and "Out Of The Box," but not too terribly bad. At every restaurant, I found items that I have been schooled about in my weight management class and could fit in shakes without problems. I first “caved in” on day three when I saw the pastry at Le Madeline’s Café. I can still taste the French Chicken Pot Pie that had the most delicate pastry. I didn’t have a full portion, just a HUGE taste and it was worth it. During my vacation, I got tons of Physical Activity (one day 24,000 steps) and was able to use the hotel fitness center a couple times a day. I did not lose any weight, but I didn’t gain, so I was extremely happy and returned home with renewed energy to rid myself of the last few pounds.

Last week I was glad to get back to class with my group. I continue to learn from them every week. One of the things that we talked about and I will ask your opinion, after weight loss, when do you stop seeing yourself as fat? People call me skinny, thin, and other positive words, but when I look into the mirror, I see me as I always have….fat. I know I am smaller, but I don’t feel any smaller. It is sort of weird. I would appreciate any thoughts out there.

Last summer before my favorite resale shop put out winter items, I bought some summer clothes in smaller sizes. The last of January I started getting summer clothes out thinking of my planned vacation and was hopeful to get to wear some of them in Baton Rouge. Since I tend to be a last-minute-kind-of-person, I was rather proud of myself getting things ready early. I was especially happy because I got off work late the evening before we left and was still packing the morning we were to depart. I got to looking at my bargains and they looked….big. I tried them on, and they fell off. So what to do? I threw in jeans and some “make due” tops with the plan to buy clothes when I arrived in Baton Rouge. We got there a little early and I went on a shopping trip. I found this super store that had just exactly what I needed, my favorite brands and very affordable. Yep, I found a great Good-Will store!

When I got home, I packed up those summer clothes and some others and donated them to Sarah Bush Lincoln Volunteer Guild. The group will have a rummage sale at the Cross County Mall this week. I am sure it will have room for your treasures or you can find some new ones. The Volunteers do great things for the hospital and have given many scholarships with their funds.

The last couple of weeks have seen the loss of two of my father’s siblings. The youngest two of 10 children passed away after short illnesses. My Aunt Opal was a real gem. She was smart, fun and pretty. I worked one summer as a nanny for her. She tried to teach me to sing with her (she played piano by ear and had a great voice too). I couldn’t and still can’t carry a tune in a bucket and she did finally give up on me. One of my favorite stories she told me was when she went to Chicago in the 1950s to see the one and only ELVIS! Live! She was vertically challenged (short) and she said when Elvis walked on the stage everyone stood up and she couldn’t see anything. She finally climbed up on a chair and occasionally saw an arm in a shiny gold suit coat sleeve wave up in the air. As I recall she never heard Elvis sing due to all the screaming in the audience around her.

My Uncle Gale was the youngest of my father’s family. My dad left for WWII when Gale was very young. Back in the 1950s people didn’t travel the way we do now. My dad and mom lived away from most of his family, so we didn’t see him often. When we did though, we pestered him as it was such a novelty to have an uncle almost my age. Gale was only 8 years older than me and I remember being impressed when he showed me one of his most cherished collections…..his toe nail clipping in an old mustard jar….ick.

My family had special blessings today as my sister Donna and her husband were baptized. I, my husband, my parents and some of my cousins attended their church for the service. Afterward we went to a local restaurant (I was In The Box). We all talked about growing up together and how fortunate we were to have been raised the way were were. My Dad talked about his life time; going from horse and wagon to man on the moon. My cousin, Marla, talked about her family getting their first TV. They were one of the first in their neighborhood to have one. She said she was small but one night she told her mom (Aunt Mary Flo) that she didn’t like watching TV at night. Her mom asked her why and she said because “the people in the windows are scary.” Her Mom looked up and saw some guys, went outside and yelled at them, “You are scaring my kids. Get in the house.” The guys came in and watched TV with the family and left when the program was over. Marla still doesn’t know who they were. How times change.

Summer will soon be here. If you are thinking of a weight management program and need info about mine, please send me any questions. I would love to help.

Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands…and then eat just one of the pieces.

I am Back In The Box….darn that French Pastry.

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