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In the Box Weeks 38 & 39

By Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver

March 25, 2014 9:28 a.m.

Finally I have a little time to sit down and get caught up with my journal. First for the weight management; Week 38 I lost 1.9 pounds, Week 39 gained 1. Sounds like a yo-yo to me, but when I look back at my journals, frequently I would yo-yo while following the program. I figure I am still ahead of the game.

This coming week I am transitioning to Phase II. Phase II means I can eat what I want applying the lessons I have learned in class. I am going to supplement with HMR products as I still want to lose about 5 pounds AND I really like the taste and the convenience of the product. The best thing about following this program is I get to eat massive amounts of food (by picking vegetables and fruits from the lower calories per ounce on the food charts given to use in class). Because I eat a lot at each meal (2-3 cups of veggies and/or fruit) I almost never feel hungry.

We have also discussed emotional eating in class. It seems any emotion can be medicated or celebrated with food. I know I have high-fived a lot of celebration pizza. In our discussions we learned that when we do emotional eating, it is usually something that will pack on the pounds, so we have also discussed things to do to distract us from the seductive thoughts of food. In the program we use the words “Physical Activity,” but I am going to call it what it is; exercise. I have been doing that because exercise comes before food in the dictionary and I am trying to exercise a bunch before I eat! We can all pretty much eat what we want, but if we don’t exercise burning more energy (calories) than we take in (food calories) we are going to store the difference as fat. I am finding for myself I get more relief (and less guilt) from stressors in my life when I exercise instead of eat. It also seems to me that scheduled exercise seems to keep me from getting so stressed out over things that used to bother me. In fact during a brisk or leisurely walk, I can think about things more objectively and formulate possible solutions to different problems.

Want to experience a little physical activity? Let’s go! You are probably sitting down, so get up and follow along if you want. Put your arms straight out in front of you. Now put them over your head, keeping them straight. Next keeping them fully extended slowly lower them to each side stopping when you are level with your shoulders. Bring them back over your head then down in front at the starting position. Repeat five times. Was that so hard? Well, that is physical activity. You have just taken the first step. Do yourself a favor and make your body feel good by finding a program that fits your style. If you need time to think about something to do, how about May 17 signing up for the Races for All Paces that will be held at Sarah Bush Lincoln. I plan on being there with my three granddaughters, Cassie, Scarlett and Violet. We are going to do one of the races and volunteer. My grandson Hunter has a date with a monster truck show that weekend. I have had to miss two session of my Couch Potato to 5K program at the Y these last two weeks due to every busy days at work, but I have been able to make them up (Saturday jogged around Neoga -- 5 miles according to my FitBit). Last Thursday I ran with one of my new friends, Amy, and we were able to do a little more than an 11-minute mile. Amy has been on a two-year plan that included a gastric band surgery. She also has learned that no matter what you do to lose weight, it is a never ending project. She looks great and told me she has lost 60 pounds, is still losing, but has to work at it.

This last week is the first week that I have been feeling like I am taking up less space on the planet. After I ran Thursday and was walking back to the Y with two of my normal-weight friends, I could see our three shadows. It hit me all of a sudden I really couldn’t tell my shadow from theirs. I also am noticing more water and less me in the tub when bathing. On a side note, I didn’t realize how much skin floats in water…yuck!

Last night I went to a basketball/cheerleader reunion at my old grade school (Boyleston, IL) which is now a church. My school was four rooms with two grades per room and a gym, one teacher per room and no aides. I laughed so much I think I am going to log it in under exercise. It is amazing how one's prospective changes about people in 50 or more years. There were so many stories told and a lot of good times remembered. We did all have to say that we wished we had been a little kinder to a few of the kids in school. I can remember a kid that sat across from me. We weren’t supposed to eat during class, but he always would lay his head down on his desk for a minute and take a bite of a vanilla oreo-like cookie. One day when he went to the bathroom, I took the cookie, asked my teacher if I could get something from an area that partitioned off from our classroom. I took his cookie with me and scraped the cream filling out and filled it with white paste glue….(Yes, I was mean) and slipped it back into his desk…and he ate it. I was feeling pretty clever. BUT when I got out of school (I had hung around to talk…imagine that) he had let the air out of my bicycle tires. After I related that story, some of the guys said they ate that paste all the time as it was “minty.” Maybe that is what is wrong with my generation.

If there was one thing I learned in school: NEVER touch the underside of a desk!

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