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Week 20

By Allie Betts

Allie Betts

January 24, 2014 3:04 p.m.

Dear Readers,

So, this week has been great so far, and when I say great, I mean really great! Unfortunately, Zumba hasn’t been a part of my week, but I have been trying some of the yoga I learned at my house. I discovered this week that whether I’m working out at the Y relaxing into Child’s Pose in my room, exercise helps make any day better.

Another great part of this week was realizing my clothes are getting loose. I bought a new skirt at the beginning of December, and after today it’ll be retired to the back of my closet because it no longer fits my waist. That feeling, knowing I’m really changing my body, that’s the best feeling. I feel more confident every day, and seeing results makes me want to keep up my new lifestyles.

For example, my mom and I have eliminated products made with white flour from our diet and although that might not seem like it would make a difference, it really has! Mom told me that eating things with bleached white flour make you crave more food after you eat and never leave you feeling full. Since we stopped eating them, I’ve noticed a difference in my appetite. I really don’t eat as much as a used to, but it’s not unhealthy. I eat until I’m full and I fill up with things that benefit my body and keep me full!

If I keep this up, I’ll hopefully feel like a real Cinderella for prom in April. That’s what I’m hoping for: I’m even putting off dress shopping until I’ve lost a little more weight!

Keep cheering me on, and remember to avoid white flour! (wow, that sounded kinda nerdy)

-Allie ☺

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