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Week 27

By Allie Betts

Allie Betts

March 17, 2014 2:45 p.m.

Dear Readers,

This week has been really great so far: minimal stress, rehearsals are going well, and not too much homework. All in all a bit relaxed. The most exciting thing I’ve done is attend a cardio kickboxing class with my friend Gracie. And let me tell you- that was crazy. I was sore for days and the school secretary was there and totally showing us up. So, rather than delve into my embarrassing lack of kickboxing skill, I’ve decided to give you a “tour” of my lunchbox. I figured that suggesting you eat healthy can only get you so far, especially if you aren’t familiar with healthier foods. It can be confusing to know if you’re selecting the right menu items, and to help you out I’m including a picture and list of what I typically eat for lunch, along with what my boyfriend has. (He actually makes really healthy choices and I thought he’d appreciate a little recognition.)

So first, my lunch:

* I always have a bottle of water with my lunch so I can make sure I’m drinking enough, and obviously any kind of water is fine.

* Oikos Greek yogurt is something I have a lot! It’s got lots of calcium and is really healthy for you. It doesn’t have a lot of ingredients, and that is something you want to be mindful of. My favorite flavor is orange crème, but lime is also really good and so is the banana cream you see pictured.

* Baby carrots are something I really enjoy, but it doesn’t really matter what kind of vegetable you choose. I happened to have carrots this day (enough for a serving of vegetables) which I eat without dip. You can choose to dip them in ranch or a veggie dip, just make sure it’s not too high in fat so it doesn’t counteract your veggies.

* Another good calcium source I like to have is a cheese stick. These cheese sticks, like the yogurt, have few ingredients and are really delicious. One stick is about 100 calories and that’s really not bad at all.

*Finally, (and this might sound gross) I have some Funky Monkey. It’s actually a very delicious brand of dried fruit, in this case apples with cinnamon, and despite its name, I would recommend it. I like it because it’s a serving of fruit, but the chip-like texture is different than just eating a plain apple.

And now, Brock’s lunch:

• He made the right choice in packing a water bottle as well, and since his is 16 oz it counts as two of the eight glasses needed in a day, where as mine is only a 10 oz bottle.

• Planter’s NUT-rition mixed nuts are one of his favorites, and although I am not really a big fan, they’re a good source of protein and help keep you full.

• Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits, and his as well. It’s fresh too, much better tasting than canned pineapple, and it still has a lot of the nutrients that are lost when fruits or vegetables are canned.

• Having two servings of fruit for lunch is a great idea, and since he also has an apple he’s good to go. A person needs five servings of fruits and vegetables in a day, and having one for breakfast, two for lunch, and two for dinner is a nice balance.

• Oh, last is the Kind bar. I know that’s one of his favorites, and I’ve yet to try them. But my mom says they’re delicious and healthy. Not to mention they have enough fiber to keep you full. I’ll have to try one myself and let you know if they’re as good as everyone says.

I hope you enjoyed my lunchbox tutorial, and hopefully it gave you some ideas!

-Allie ☺

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