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Week 9

By Allie Betts

Allie Betts

November 07, 2013 4:27 p.m.

Hi, readers! It’s me, Allie, and I have some super fun things to tell you about! Let’s begin with what I did this weekend, because that’s where the fun begins!

On Saturday, my mom, little sister, and I went to the pumpkin patch! I totally LOVE all things pumpkin-related, so you can bet I was excited! We went through some mazes, took some cute pictures, and saw all the animals there. However, all that pales in comparison to the booth where you get to sample squash! Okay, that probably didn’t sound all that exciting, but trust me- IT WAS!

See, what you might not know about me is that I simply adore trying new things. I am always up for the challenge of uncharted territory. So, you better believe that when I saw that squash, I was all over that. We tried all three kinds, and our favorite was called “Sunshine”. In fact, we loved it so much that we bought one to take home and we’re planning on cooking it for dinner this week! An employee at the pumpkin patch told us that if you bust open the squash, cube it, put the cubes on a cookie sheet in the oven at 450, and let it cook until it softens, that you will have one tasty addition to any meal. I would definitely recommend this to you, readers.

Eating something different (like “Sunshine” squash) can add some fun to healthy eating! Not to mention the double whammy that you get when you buy squash! Get this: not only does it make for a tasty dinner, but it can be used for decoration up until you want to eat it! So, go get yourself a bit of “Sunshine” and save it for a rainy day ☺

-Allie ☺

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