Outpatient Surgery Center

Located at the Visitor's entrance of the Health Center, the Outpatient Surgery Center offers one location for pre-operative tests and registration.

The design of the center focuses on convenience, a progressive approach to patient care and affordability.

Private consultation rooms provide physicians and family members with private areas to discuss the outcome of surgery. The large operating rooms are ergonomically designed so there is less movement around the room while staff is working. A separate post-operative room for children allows parents to remain close by and helps children feel more secure. A private discharge area is located on the east side of the building allowing for easier, smoother pick up for patients and their families.

One of the driving forces in building this center was a goal and a desire to keep costs down for our patients. The only surgeries that will be preformed in the new center are those surgeries that are prescheduled. This way, surgeries will remain on time as scheduled, so patients and their family members aren't inconvenienced over time delays.  Since only pre-scheduled, shorter surgeries are performed in the Outpatient Surgery Center, the staff has streamlined its processes in an effort to keep costs down for patients.

For more information about the Outpatient Surgery Center, call 258- or 348-2196 or toll free 1-866-258-2169.