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1000 Health Center Drive
(217) 258-2525
The Effingham Walk-In Clinic is open from 10am to 8pm Monday-Friday.


Sarah Bush Lincoln Board Members

Sarah Bush Lincoln is guided by its board of directors. There are three boards whose guidance and vision help create a solid, quality medical system in East Central Illinois, for the community members it serves. There are also community members who serve on committees of the board. Listed below are the boards, their members and committee community members.

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health System & Health Center Board of Directors

Scott Wilson - Chairperson
Tina Stovall - Vice Chairperson
Steve Wente - Secretary
Barb Hall - Treasurer
Laurel Allenbaugh
Lucas Catt, MD
Steve Childers
Lori Cudone, MD
David Glassman, PhD
Philip Kepp, DDS
John Lauer, MD
Jim Littleford
Jay Markwell
Alan Metzger
Jim Zimmer

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Foundation Board

Scott Bland - Chairperson
Bill Hill, PhD - Vice Chairperson
Scott Eggleston - Secretary
Ann Beck, PhD - Treasurer
Philip Kepp, DDS - Immediate Past Chairperson
Doug Bock, PhD
Dan Cunningham
Derald Doerhing
Blake Fairchild
Brian Fogarty
Carol Jo Fritts
Mike Genta
Vicky Gilliland
Tim Gover
Stanley Huffman, MD
Kim Leftwich
Jerry Lindley
Gary Mikel, MD
Ryan Pine, MD
Nancy Schilling
Tony Sparks
Jon Spitz
Scott Taylor