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1000 Health Center Drive
(217) 258-2525
Please call the walk-in clinic for wait times.

Funding the Future Campaign Committee Members

Campaign Committee members represent the community we serve. They are:

Joe Dively, Co-Chairperson
Susie Preston, Co-Chairperson
Dr. Sheryl Artmann
Dr. Brett Bartlett
Dr. Joe Burton
Dan Cunningham
Derald Doehring
Roger Dettro
Carol Jo Fritts
Peggy Fuestin
John Greathouse
John Hedges
Lou Hencken
Dr. Jim Hildebrandt
Bill Hill
Dale and Marilyn Hoots
Dr. Ned Hoppin
Dr. Stan Huffman
Marijane Jemsek
Dr. Phil Kepp
Dr. Amy Leifheit
Larry Lilly
Jim Littleford
Richard Lumpkin
Tess Melvin
Dr. Lou Mendella
JW Oglesby
Keith Perry
Dr. Aldo Ruffolo
Dr. Don and Debbie Sandercock
Jan Stierwalt, APN
Keith Summers
Selma Sweeney
Scott Taylor
Edie Terwilliger
Pat Williamson
Scott Wilson
Jim Winningham
Don Yost