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Respiratory Clinic at Mattoon Walk-In Clinic: Call for appointment: 217 238-3000.
Memorial Day Walk-In Clinic hours: Charleston, Respiratory Clinic, Tuscola - 8 am to 2 pm


SBL Apps

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SBL Babies is a FREE comprehensive interactive app that helps guide an expectant parent through the pregnancy, birthing and newborn stages. It provides the users with useful tools and functions to record labor contractions, kick counts, health tracker, dirty diapers, milk output, feeding tracker, birth plan, menu planning and grocery lists.

Expectant moms can journal about their pregnancy along with photo documentation and share the images directly from the app. It includes information on what to expect, medical tests that may be done throughout your pregnancy, pain control options, and much more.

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The Cancer Toolkit app provides you with easy-to-use tools and resources to help you understand and manage your care. Keep track of appointments and procedures, as well as medications, and get more information on your diagnosis. Connect with your care team and support services to help you understand and cope with your diagnosis and treatment.

The Cancer Toolkit also provides resources to help you adjust to living with cancer, as well as a wealth of other health and cancer resources.

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Heart Health Toolkit provides all the resources you need to keep your heart healthy. With educational materials and access to your portal at your fingertips, you’ll always be in the know.

The Heart Health Toolkit includes the ability to track all the pieces of information in one location:
• Appointment
• Blood sugar readings
• Blood pressure readings
• Exercise log
• Track and take photos of your medications
• Oxygen levels
• Find a physician
• Healthy Living information for patients with COPD, Diabetes and CHF

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The SBL Orthopedic Toolkit helps people prepare for total knee and hip replacement surgery by providing information on what to expect and what to do several weeks prior and leading up to surgery.

The SBL Orthopedic Toolkit app includes:
• Track your rehab exercises
• Track and take photos of your medications for quick reference
• Access to SBL orthopedists
• Access to Lincolnland Home Care
• Access to Lincolnland Home Medical Equipment to order equipment for homes
• Find physical therapy locations and directions to the Center for Healthy Living
• Journal in the app and record your discomfort levels
• Register for Joint Camp, a class in preparation of surgery

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For more information contact Lori Banks Public Relations Specialist at 217-258-4011.