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By Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver

July 16, 2013 2:47 p.m.

Mary Weaver is on weight loss journey with HMR, a clinically monitored weight management program through Sarah Bush Lincoln, and is sharing her experience with our community. She resides in Neoga with her husband, Ray.

Day 27

I am riding my bike after work and I starting thinking about a co-worker Jayne who talked about taking a spinning class. After she explained it did not involve a wheel or wool, I thought maybe sometime I would give it a go. As I pondered, I thought, hey, I’m on a bike, and all you have to do is stand up and pedal really fast. So I stand up and that was the beginning of the end. I lost my balance, started wobbling, about fell off, but luckily for me I was able to stop. I got both feet on the ground, my heart back in my chest and was giving thanks to the guardian angel of an idiot old woman who thought she could spin on a bike while it is moving, when I notice a distinctive odor coming from my right foot. Yep, I survived for another day, but had stepped in a very fresh doggy pile. Maybe a treadmill wouldn’t be so bad.

This morning when I took my blood sugar (did I mention I have Type II Diabetes) it was 82. For the last week my morning readings have been under 90. When I started this program, it was 120 on a good day. I am on an oral medication, and hope that on my next medical check-up for the program, I can officially reduce my medication.

I have known about the Diabetes for several years, but it took me a long time to give over being mad about it. When I had those feelings, I thought I was unique, but then started talking with some of my patients who were diabetic and found a high percentage who initially felt the same way. I think I have come to terms with it…as Dr. Phil says, “You have to name it before you can claim it.” Any other diabetics out there feel the same way? If yes, how did you deal with it?

Mosquito: an insect that makes you like flys better.

I am In The Box.

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