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By Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver

July 19, 2013 2:50 p.m.

Mary Weaver is on weight loss journey with HMR, a clinically monitored weight management program through Sarah Bush Lincoln, and is sharing her experience with our community. She resides in Neoga with her husband, Ray.

Day 30

I had my first outing with kids at McDonald's since being on the plan. I don't crave a lot of the food it offers and it has a play area that I thought would wear the kids down. I was right about one thing and that was the food. The kids were hyped up and it was after 11 pm before I got them to sleep.

I was able to stay on the plan with help from a protein shaker that I got at Wal-Mart. It is an insulated cool gear with a built-in shaker that mixes the powder very well. A bottle of water and some ice and supper was ready. I like the bottle because it has a clip that holds the cap on tightly when you shake it up. One day at work I had a different shaker (and a different product to shake) and I was shaking it really good when the cap popped off and my pal Kristy got hit with goo that looked like baby poo. So did the table, booth and me. Sorry Kristy.

I think today is going to be very busy. Scarlett has already told me she wants to go swimming, bowling, to rummage sales, a movie and to Olney to buy a new bike. Cassie is in for everything except the rummage sales and Violet (age 2) is giving me a work out in keeping her from being killed by her sisters as she has decided hair pulling is a good sport. At least she wants to kiss them after she does the hair pulling. She is rather stealth about it and I admire her technique.

Oh....I just heard the patter of little feet, so it is time for me to prepare to get my walking shoes on.

Secret: Something you tell one person at a time.

I am In The Box.

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