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In the Box Week 25

By Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver

December 16, 2013 10:09 a.m.

Week 25

At weigh-in this week I lost 1.25 lbs for a loss of 57.25 on the HMR program. I believe I had been eating too many servings of the cereal. The cereal is prepared in hot water and the warmth and taste was just too good for the cold weather. I cut back to one or two a day and I am hoping for good results Tuesday when I weigh in again.

For 25 weeks I have had only the HMR products and can truthfully say I have not missed food....until Friday. I got home from work and on the kitchen table was a package from my daughter's (Emily) mother-in-law, Sandy Clayton. I knew what was in the package when I saw it and immediately started salivating just like one of Pavlo's dogs. The tempting package was Sandy's homemade fruit cake.

Now for those of you who turn up your nose at fruit cake, you have never had the piece of heaven that she puts in her cakes. The flavor is unbelievable, the texture is joy on your tongue and....and...this year I don't get any. I asked my husband what he liked best about the fruit cake and he said he liked the taste, the texture, the moistness and that "you don't get any."One of the folks in my new group, John, made a pumpkin pie out of vanilla shakes, pumpkin and some other things, I think I have a new challenge for him.

Physical Activity (exercise) has been a challenge for me this week. The end of they year is always very busy in surgery and this last week has been no exception. In addition to my job at the hospital, I help my husband with a job he does every year at the Mattoon mall during the evening, which is taking Santa pictures. You could say I am the elf, but I say I am the printer, poser and weird lady who tries to get the kids to smile. Between running late at the hospital and the mall, I have not been to the Y. I sure do miss it. I feel like I am a "real" member now as I have rented my own locker. I am hoping between the two jobs I have got some PA in, but I am not sure how to calculate it. Some kids do require me lifting them onto Santa's lap and jumping up and down to play peak-a-boo with them.

Since I have been at the mall a lot this week, during the breaks between photo sessions I have been trying on clothes. I am somewhat of a tightwad when it comes to buying clothes. I'd rather go to resale shops. But there are tons of cute clothes at the mall. I am pretty much a size 10 pants and depending on the fit, a medium/large top. I almost bought a new pair of jeans. I think I carried them around for a half hour, put them back twice, but in the end, they didn't go home with me. When I got home I hopped on ebay and found the same jeans for a fraction of the price, plus free shipping.

Two of our nations most pressing problems:

1. Not getting enough exercise.

2. Not getting a close parking place.

I am In The Box.

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