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In the Box Week 28 & 29

By Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver

January 16, 2014 1:59 p.m.

I had weigh-in this evening and over the last two week lost .6 pounds. With the weather, snow and everything else going on I don’t think I had the intensity in my physical activity that I usually have. I was able to make it to the YMCA only twice.

This past weekend I had my granddaughters. I thought I would offer them a new experience called roller skating as I could kill two birds with one stone; have fun with the kids and get some exercise. And exercise I did get, but it wasn’t exactly what I planned.

On Friday, we took the kids out to eat. Of course it was at MacDonald’s, so I drank a big shake before we left as the menu is still off limits for me. At MacDs I had a large diet coke with a two refills. We made it to the rink and got all three of the girls and myself “skated-up” and hit the rink. After about an hour I had to go to the ladies room and that is where the exercise really began.

First of all, with skates on you are taller. When I got in the ladies room, the stool, toilet, throne, john or whatever you want to call it, was made for short little kids. As I looked down, I thought my first job would be to figure out how to sit down….aren’t guys lucky? But, I was wrong! My first challenge was to get my jeans and SPANX down…with a full bladder….on roller skates….in a 2x2 foot space (it seemed)…with nothing to hang onto except the kiddie potty. I will confess it is very difficult to keep your legs together (Why do we do that when we have to potty really bad?) pull down the girdle (SPANX) while on skates, but I DID IT! I was “gladder that my bladder was flatter” even though I was sitting on a potty with my knees under my chin and SPANX around my ankles.

As I sat there feeling victorious, I had an “ah-ha” moment; I wasn’t done yet. I was still on skates with no hand hold and SPANX around my ankles. Behind every damsel is a fire breathing dragon that has to be conquered and I was not going to be bested by a garment of latex! I finally stabilized my feet by going on tippy toes using the stoppers on my skates, got the SPANX up, body parts rearranged and packed up, jeans up, snapped and zipped and was finally on my way.

Lesson learned: no SPANX at the roller rink.

I was going to quit all my bad habits for the new year, but then I remembered that nobody likes a quitter!

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