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Week 12

By Allie Betts

Allie Betts

November 22, 2013 1:24 p.m.

Hey guys, It’s me, Allie! This week has been really great in every way possible. I’d like to give you some encouragement based off the success I’ve been experiencing!

So, I went to the Y four days in a row this week and OH MY GOSH- it was awesome! I feel great. Not only do I feel accomplished and proud of myself, but it puts me in a wonderful mood every time I go. Getting on the elliptical or working out my arms makes feel like I can do anything and I feel totally stress free! I would definitely recommend going to work out consistently. Getting into a routine makes it easier to remember to make time to go, and going frequently helps you see results faster than squeezing a trip in every couple weeks.

Another fabulous addition to my week was having my mom come to my P.E. class. I really like having her come teach us because I really learn a lot. Some of the lessons have already been taught to me by my mom at home, but we always learn new information each time she comes. This week she talked about grains and the importance of whole grains. I bet you didn’t know that unless you get whole grain wheat bread, you might as well be eating white bread. Wheat bread without whole grains masquerades as a healthy food, but it contains just as much sugar as the openly unhealthy white bread. Make sure you do your research when buying healthy foods, and don’t be fooled by the food pretending to be good for your body!

Remember to stay away from sweets until next Thursday, and try not to make up for all the desserts you’ve been missing ☺


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