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Week 15

By Allie Betts

Allie Betts

December 23, 2013 1:56 p.m.

Dear Readers,

Attention: I AM OFFICIALLY ON CHRISTMAS BREAK! And I am so totally thrilled. Today was my last day of school this week, and now it’s time to relax! However, relaxing does not mean I will be skipping out on my trips to the Y. Those must continue throughout the break so I don’t have to be rolled back to school in January.

Since last week, I’ve been to the Y frequently, and one of the best times I had was with my good friend and “personal trainer” Hunter! We happened to show up at the same time and he took me under his wing. We did 15 minutes of cardio on the elliptical, worked our legs out on some different machines, and then, somehow, he talked me into doing the abdominal workout the football players from our school do to stay in shape! When he first presented the idea to me, I was very hesitant. Me, a non-athlete, a performer and scholar, doing a workout intended for football players?! But, surprisingly, I was able to do it, and even did it again when I went to the Y last night! Motivation and determination are key factors in my road to success.

I’ve also been taking what my mom said in her last trip to my P.E. class to heart. Getting enough calcium before you turn 18 is very important. Once you reach that age you cannot increase your bone strength or density anymore, but only maintain the strength you have acquired up to that point. Since I don’t want to end up with osteoporosis or brittle bones, I’ve been getting in extra milk (choosing skim, of course) and lots of cheese and yogurt. Having a whipped yogurt in my lunchbox is such a great substitute for any dessert my mom could pack (well…besides cheesecake), and it’s always the grand finale to my lunch.

Keeping in mind that helping my bones and body be healthy is important really helps me as I work on fitting in fitness. I’m realizing more and more that a healthy body isn’t what you see on TV or in magazines, but instead it is a body built to last. A body you take good care of and work hard to keep in good, working condition. Being healthy is being happy. Remember that.

-Allie ☺

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