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Week 25

By Allie Betts

Allie Betts

February 27, 2014 3:50 p.m.

Dear Readers,

Since rehearsals have started up again, I’m getting really busy. Add that to the fact that scholastic bowl isn’t over yet, solo and ensemble is next weekend, we just started a class novel, and we had a paper due this week … yeah, my free time is pretty much nonexistent. But I’d rather be busy than have nothing to do, so I’m not really complaining!

So, at drama this week, I was talking to my friend Gracie about how she’s been getting in shape, and I thought you’d like to hear about it because it encouraged me. Gracie works out just about every day, eats pretty clean, and since she started getting fit has lost FIFTY POUNDS. I know, mind-blowing! She’s really awesome I have so much respect for her for working so hard. Hearing her talk about how hard she works encourages me, and I hope that hearing about how I’m doing encourages you. See, that’s really a big reason I write this blog, I want to encourage people. I want you to know that you can make a change in your body and get healthy; you’ll have to work at it, but I believe in you.

I missed the Sarah Bush presentation this week for a music rehearsal, but I heard they talked about portion control. And with my mama, you can bet I already know a lot about that. For example, any serving of meat you have should be the size of a deck of cards. (Unfortunately t-bone steaks just don’t fit that bill…). And your pasta serving should be the size of a baseball. Keep that in mind as you’re choosing your next meal. Eating healthy can only help so much if you pile your plate high. Eat smart and eat clean. And don’t forget to drink your water ☺.


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