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Week 42

By Allie Betts

Allie Betts

June 27, 2014 10:23 a.m.

Dear Readers,

I'm writing to you from church camp (aka my absolute favorite place). I've been having an amazing time learning, making new friends, & getting competitive with Team Teal. (My pretty awesome team this year).

The food is delicious and they serve several fruits and/or veggies with every meal. Last night I got the opportunity to serve dinner and I chose to serve green beans (of course) so I could talk my friends and the counselors into a little healthy eating. And thankfully, it was much easier to convince teenagers and adults to eat their veggies than elementary schoolers.

But, even though camp food is delicious, I'm ready to get back home and back on my regular eating routine. And my workout routine! By the way, in case I forgot to mention this, Brock FINALLY convinced me to go work out with him. It was not my idea of a spectacular date (especially because I don't usually wear make up to the Y), but I might try it again. I liked our bike riding date better because even though it killed my legs, I had a lot of fun doing it.

Well, I'm going to go enjoy the rest of my time here at the beautiful Summer Scream campus, where I will continue to inform people how much water they should be drinking a day.

-Allie :)

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