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1000 Health Center Drive
(217) 258-2525

Tobacco Cessation Services

What we offer

Tobacco Cessation Counseling
• Initial consultation and seven counseling sessions that include developing a quitting plan and building strategies to prevent relapse.

Freedom From Smoking®
• Either individual or group sessions that meet weekly for seven weeks to teach proven strategies to quit tobacco.

A noon and 5:30 pm class will be offered starting on the dates below. The program consists of eight sessions over the course of seven weeks. All classes held at the Center for Healthy Living, second floor, meeting room 1.

January 10, 2018  (through February 21)
February 28, 2018  (through April 11)
April 18, 2018  (through May 30)

Completion of the Freedom From Smoking class can help those on the SBL Aetna insurance plan qualify for the tobacco-free discounted rate.

Baby & Me Tobacco Free Program™
• Quit smoking and get FREE diapers for up to a year.

Center for Healthy Living
1004 Health Center Drive
Mattoon, IL 61938

Consultations would be with facilitators certified with the American Lung Association and Freedom from Smoking classes.

Stopping isn’t easy, but you can do it! Call SBL Tobacco Cessation Services today at 217-258-2140, and we’ll help you through the process.