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Healthy Communities

(Left to right: Josh White, Molly Yockey, Laura Bollan, Brittney Johns, Jenna Hillagoss)

Sarah Bush Lincoln is committed to creating healthy communities. It is part of its Mission and an important part of its strategic plan. That’s because our country, and our community, are facing an obesity epidemic.

More than 9,000 kids in our seven-county community are classified as overweight or obese. That represents more than one-third of the kids. We know that when kids struggle with weight issues, they often bring those same struggles into adulthood. With that come the risk of developing diabetes, heart problems and joint issues, just to name a few. We also know that it takes generations to make substantial changes, so we are focuses our efforts on our kids.

Our Healthy Communities department has deployed several programs to help reduce the rate or obesity. Here’s a snapshot of our plan.

Tom Short Run
Eight-week Kids Traning Teams
The eight-week program is designed for students who have completed 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th grade and to cross the finish line of the annual Tom Short 5K trail run.

Fast Reads
A Running and Reading Program For Boys Offered This Summer
Boys are encouraged to learn the importance of fitness and building brain-power this summer with a new program called Fast Reads coordinated by Sarah Bush Lincoln.

Healthy Kids Educator
In the classroom, we teach children about nutrition, introducing new foods and ways to prepare them, and we re-introduce them to fun activities (a.k.a. exercise)!

Healthy Families Newsletter

At Jump Start camp, participants enjoy a full day of fun and engaging activities to help learn the importance of making healthy eating choices and staying active.

Fit Girls is a nationally known fitness program for girls that uniquely combines training for a 5k (3.1 mile) race with reading and nutrition education.

Teen Cooking Classes
Teens will learn how to prepare healthy meals that he/she can easily make at home.

Parent & Child Cooking Class
You and your child will make a healthy meal together and learn proper etiquette techniques during this 2-hour class.

A sports utility vehicle is transformed into an engaging and interactive educational mobile exhibit through which children learn about body functions, health and wellness.

Project Fit America
We provide schools with indoor and outdoor fitness equipment and instructions to help schools create a positive physical impact on children.

Body Electric
High school-aged teens use the arts to create powerful messages about healthy living to make healthy choices and improve their self-esteem. They share their projects with their peers and younger students for greater learning.

Dental Services
Preventive and restorative dental care is provided to children without means to improve their health, learning, socialization and self-esteem.

An event for children that teaches health and wellness in a fun atmosphere.

Races for all Paces
Get out your running shoes and bring the entire family to the 12th annual Races for all Paces at Eastern Illinois University's O'Brien Stadium parkling lot Saturday, May 12, 2018. There's a race for everyone, regardless of your fitness level. Enter a half marathon, or for shorter tracks, try the 10K Individual Race, 5K, One-mile Fun Run, Toddler Trot and Diaper Dash.

Healthy Communities
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