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Economic Impact

How Sarah Bush Lincoln Contributes to Our Economy and Community

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center invests in the health of our community in many ways. We provide essential medical services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We provide a variety of innovative, preventive and community services that improve the health of our citizens.

An increasingly important way Sarah Bush Lincoln keeps our community healthy is by supporting our local and state economies. We are a vigorous economic engine for our community and for Illinois.

This report, prepared with assistance from the Illinois Hospital Association, highlights the significant role Sarah Bush Lincoln plays in our community. It identifies and measures the direct involvement of our hospital in the local and state economy and demonstrates the “ripple” effect of the dollars the healthcare sector brings into the community and the jobs it helps create. In addition, it illustrates the ways we provide for a safe, stable and healthy community.

Sarah Bush Lincoln contributes significantly to the area’s economic health.

In 2012, the Illinois Hospital Association estimates that our hospital had a positive economic impact of $456,146,619. 

Sarah Bush Lincoln: An Economic Engine for our Community

Stimulating the Local Economy with Purchases of Goods and Services

Building for a Healthier Tomorrow

Leading Healthcare Transformation

A positive change agent, Sarah Bush Lincoln is on the front lines of healthcare’s transformation, implementing the profound changes of healthcare reform, and delivering on the promise of better healthcare for all at a lower cost. 

People fighting cancer have the brightest minds working with them. Through our association with University of Illinois-Chicago, our oncologists have quick access to solutions for rare cancers and unusual circumstances to give our patients the best chances for a full recovery.

Sarah Bush Lincoln partners with Prairie Heart Institute of Illinois to bring the best in heart care to the region. Residents can experience routine cardiology care and expertly performed procedures in our cardiac cath lab without traveling great distances for care.

In an effort to create greater access to care, Sarah Bush Lincoln applied for and received a grant to provide In-Person Counsellors to help people without healthcare insurance better understand their options through the Affordable Care Act and subsequently sign up for insurance coverage. Additionally, we provide financial assistance to hundreds of area residents, which enable them to receive the care they need.

In 2012, we also linked efforts with Accelecare, a national leader in wound care technology, to make marked improvements in healing difficult-to-treat wounds.

Each year some 35 local and area students pursuing healthcare careers are recipients of scholarships from our Volunteer Services Guild to help defray the cost of their educations. Additionally, students often complete internships in a wide variety of areas throughout the health system.

A Place of Refuge

In today’s world, hospitals do even more than provide medical care to the community. Communities can take comfort in knowing that their local hospital always is there, ready to help in an emergency. Hospitals are a place of refuge, food, shelter, and information in times of distress.

Sarah Bush Lincoln prepares for the unexpected emergencies. During the recent snow blizzard in January 2014, travellers found a safe place to rest inside the walls of the Health Center. We provided food and shelter to help ensure their safety.

We work with local and state agencies to prepare ourselves for natural and manmade disasters.

We are the administrators of the Peace Meal Senior Nutrition Program that provides congregate and home-delivered meals to seniors in a 14-county region.

A Good Neighbor

Sarah Bush Lincoln has a positive impact on its surrounding neighborhoods. We contribute to civic and cultural programs, make space available to community groups, and improve the environment.

Sarah Bush Lincoln partners with local and area schools in its effort to create healthy communities. With the use of Healthy Kids educators, kids learn about the value of activity and nutrition and experience healthier food options. We also partner with Project Fit America to bring fitness equipment and curriculum into selected schools. We work with young girls and boys to build their confidence to help them achieve a better quality of life through Fit Girls, FreshStart and Heart Smart for Girls. We are on the sidelines at sporting events with athletic trainers. Athletes also have opportunity to have a free echocardiogram performed that detects heart abnormalities, which could end their lives through the heat of competition.

Through our Dental Services, children receive cleanings and restorative care at their schools and on our mobile dental van.

High school students throughout the region participate in I Sing the Body Electric, a program that brings health risk behaviors to the forefront through the arts.

Sarah Bush Lincoln helps support a wide variety of programs that encourage activity and healthy behaviors, as well as services to improve the lives of people in our community such as food pantries, safe shelters, social agencies and economic development. See our full report at www.sarahbush.org/about/sarah-bush-lincoln/social-accountability-copy

An Economic Catalyst

Sarah Bush Lincoln contributes to the local and area economy in a variety of ways.

Grants: During fiscal year 2013, Sarah Bush Lincoln was awarded a total of $576,233 in externally funded grants from federal, state and private funding sources for the purposes of implementing health outreach and education programs.


Sarah Bush Lincoln provides vital healthcare services to our community.
In fiscal year 2013 we had:
6,628 admissions,
351,911 outpatient visits and procedures, and
38,279 emergency room visits.
5,129 outpatient surgeries

Sarah Bush Lincoln provides community health education programs to help area residents learn more and care for their illnesses to help them maintain a better health status.

Sarah Bush Lincoln provides a number of health screening programs to detect illnesses in their earliest and most curable stages. Such programs include:

-       Mammography and mobile mammography to screen for breast cancer

-       Heart to Heart to screen for cardiac illnesses

-       Peripheral Vascular Screens to test for cardiac and circulation issues

-       Lung Screening to screen for lung cancer

-       Colonoscopies to monitor colon health

-       Blood pressure and pulse oximetry to screen for cardiovascular health

-        blood sugar screens to test for diabetes

Our employees also participate in health fairs throughout the region to provide the most current health information and screenings to community members.

In addition, our hospital contributes to a variety of community service initiatives designed to improve residents’ health status and quality of life. We contribute financially in five major areas: health initiatives, community activities, food and shelter, and economic development. To view our full report go to www.sarahbush.org/about/sarah-bush-lincoln/social-accountability-copy


Hospitals are a key ingredient to Illinois residents’ quality of life and to keeping communities healthy and vibrant. Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center is a major contributor to both our local and state economies and to keeping families healthy and secure by providing needed health care services.

The data and information contained in this report provide strong evidence that the economic benefit of our hospital on the local and state economies is significant. Hospitals play a critical and irreplaceable role in building healthy communities and a strong economy.