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Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart is a screening program designed to increase awareness of heart health and wellness. It offers men and women an opportunity to have several cardiopulmonary screens performed that may reveal interrelated and potentially life-threatening diseases. The screen is not intended for people who have already been diagnosed with coronary artery disease.

Heart to Heart offers the following screenings at $95:
blood sugar
blood pressure
body mass index
cardiac CT-calcium scoring
coronary risk profile (cholesterol)
electrocardiogram (EKG)
kidney function
prostate specific antigen (PSA)

For an additional $95, the following screens are offered to detect peripheral vascular disease:
abdominal aortic ultrasound
ankle brachial index
carotid ultrasound 

To schedule your Heart to Heart, contact Kristina Bushue, program coordinator, at (217) 258-2238.