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Tasty Tuesdays

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Our live edition of Tasty Tuesday are complete for the summer, but we will return for some holiday specials!  You can still watch our recorded shows and print weekly recipes. 

WEEK 1 - June 16, 2020                             

Frozen Chocolate-Banana Treats
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Camping S'mores
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Banana Nicecream
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Week 1 Video

WEEK 2 - June 23, 2020

Yogurt Fruit Dip
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Yogurt Ranch Dip
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Frozen Yogurt Covered Fruit
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Rice Cakes with Fruit
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Yogurt Parfait
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Week 2 Video

WEEK 3 - June 30, 2020

Mini Fruit Pizza
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Easy Vegetable Pizza
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Tortilla Pizza
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Week 3 Video

WEEK 4 - July 8


Chef Laura will demonstrate the many ways to cook eggs. Here are some ingredients and utensils you might want to have on hand:

• 1 - 2 doz. eggs, based on how many methods you want to try
• A few teaspoons of white vinegar
• Veggies and cheese for omelets
• Whole Wheat toast or other favorite toast to eat with the eggs
• Avocado if you like avocados
• Olive Oil or butter
• Salt & pepper
• Access to water and ice
Kitchen utensils:
• Frying pans
• Lids for frying pan
• Flexible Spatula
• Wisk or fork
• Bowls for breaking eggs into
• Plates for serving
• Muffin tins
• Pot for boiling water and eggs

Week 4 Video - part 1
Week 4 Video - part 2

WEEK 5 - July 14

Taco Tuesday!

Zesty Chicken & Lime Tacos
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Fresh Salsa
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Mexican Cauliflower Rice - Bonus Recipe!
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Week 5 Video

WEEK 6 - July 21

Kid-friendly Snacks

Week 5 Video

WEEK 7 - July 28


Buffalo Chicken Tortilla Roll Ups
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Ham & Pickle Dip
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Cowboy Caviar
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Goat Cheese and Marinara Crostini
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Week 7 Video

WEEK 8 - August 4


Classic Overnight Oats
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Whole Wheat French Toast
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Oven Baked Turkey Bacon
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Breakfast Cookies
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Whole Wheat Pancakes
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Week 8 Video

WEEK 9 - August 11


Strawberry Fluff Icebox Cake
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Mexican Unfried Frozen Yogurt
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Black Bean Brownies
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Week 9 Video