1000 Health Center Drive
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Rotary High School Athletic Heart Screening

Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015

Lumpkin Family Center for Health Education
at Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center

What's happening?

A free and painless electrocardiagram to make sure your heart is healthy, health history and physcial examination.

Who's eligible?

Sophomore high school athletes

What do I do?

Your student's coach or athletic director will provide the registration information that should be returned by Oct. 28.
Area Rotary clubs formed a unique partnership with the Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Foundation to help prevent premature deaths of seemingly healthy young athletes. Rotary clubs raise funds to provide free heart screenings to area high school sophomore athletes to uncover dangerous electrical abnormalities of the heart in addition to cardiomyopathy, an abnormality which can cause sudden death of athletes in the heat of competition. Twice a year, Sarah Bush Lincoln provides this free screening program to high school sophomore athletes. 


Brought to you by Orthopedics & Sports Medicine of Sarah Bush Lincoln and area Rotary Clubs.
Rotary Athletic Heart Screen