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  • Auto Delivery HMR at Home

    Auto Delivery HMR at Home

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    HMR at Home is a simple way to achieve your weight loss goals - all from the convenience of your own home! This program uses the Healthy Solutions® diet plan - a plan designed to leave you feeling full and satisfied.
    You'll begin with a 3-week enrollment kit that includes HMR foods, a recipe book, and a support guide.

  • Diet Kits

    Diet Kits

    Is DIY your style? We have just the diet kit for you! HMR's do-it-yourself kits are perfect for losing weight from home. Choose from the Healthy Solutions™ 3-Week Kit (includes shakes and entrees) or the Healthy Shakes© 2-Week Kit (includes shakes)

  • Extras


    From the fantastic PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter (which is an amazing, low-calorie, "in the box" mix in for your HMR foods) to the HMR Checkbook for record keeping...we've got the extras you want to support your weight-management goals.

  • HMR Bars

    HMR Bars

    HMR protien bars are quite simply the best tasting ever! Available in 4 flavors, you'll struggle to decide which one to enjoy. Rest assured, you'll be happy with whichever low-calorie goody you choose.

  • HMR Cereal

    HMR Cereal

    The HMR MultiGrain Cereal is a hearty, extra filling whole grain weight loss food. It's not just for breakfast, at just 210 calories per single-serving packet, it's a perfect low-calorie snack or anytime meal replacement option.

  • HMR Entrees

    HMR Entrees

    Great tasting portion-controlled HMR Entrees are rich in nutrition and unbelievably convenient. They are the perfect meal on-the-go for travel, work or home...and, these meal replacements are low-calorie, but they're big on flavor!

  • HMR Shakes

    HMR Shakes

    Rich and creamy, HMR shakes are also easy to make - just add ice and water and blend. You can even add fruits, extracts and sugar free syrups for endless smoothie variety! HMR even has a lactose-free shake mix that doubles as pudding.

  • HMR Soup

    HMR Soup

    A delicious low-calorie chicken soup loaded with nutrition. You can enjoy this warm and tasty soup by iteself, add in your favorite vegetables or even mix in one of the HMR Entrees for a filling and nutrient packed meal.



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