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SBLHC \Oh, Baby!\" 5 Week Comprehensive Prepared Childbirth Session"


1000 Health Center Drive
Mattoon, IL 61938

Telephone Numbers and Contact Information:

217-258-2229 Pamela Hood
217-348-2229 Pamela Hood
(800) 702-0376 Emergency
(217) 258-2297 OB
(217) 258-2274 Fax

Web Page: www.sarahbush.org
Email to: phood@sblhs.org

Program Details:

Program/Service Notes:

Provide information concerning pregnancy, labor and birth, prepared childbirth techniques, Cesarean birth and immediate newborn care. Class meets six times, 2 1/2 hours each time. To be attended during the last trimester and completed 2-6 weeks prior to due date. Includes \Oh, Baby!\" Reference Guide and materials."