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Sarah Bush Lincoln Honors Employees at Annual Recognition Banquet

May 22, 2014 9:14 a.m.

Sherry Beech was recently awarded Sarah Bush Lincoln’s Bravo! President’s Award at the annual Bravo! Dedication Banquet for her contribution to the Health Center. Beech works with Peace Meal, a home-delivered meal program administered by Sarah Bush Lincoln.

Beech was recognized for working to win the trust of clients who live without many resources including running water due to a broken pump. Beech started taking bottled water to the clients when she discovered they were boiling snow for drinking and bathing during the winter. She has worked diligently to treat them with dignity and has gone above and beyond to see that their needs are met.

The President’s Award is the highest honor an employee can receive and is part of an employee recognition program, which underscores the standards of excellence in the Health System. Nominees should demonstrate exceptional customer service, or contribute above normal job expectations, that reflect Sarah Bush Lincoln Health System’s mission and values. The annual recipient is selected from one of four quarterly winners chosen throughout the year and is announced at the annual Bravo! Dedication Banquet. Other quarterly President’s Award nominees included: Brian Sanders, Lori Stults and Becky Snively.

Also honored at the banquet were the following retiree’s for their years of serviceto Sarah Bush Lincoln: Jill Antonio, Diane Birdsong, Diana Bowers, Ruthie Coale, Susan Connor, Carol Cothern, Bob Dougherty, Marlene Estes, Nancy Gass, Patti Kendall, Donna Livingston, Carla Lundy-Wheaton, Kay McDade, Bholabhai Patel, Kaye Snyder, Terry Spence, Frannie Tucker, Kathy Whalen and Lesa Williams.

Employees recognized for 35 years of service were: Cathy Babbs, Leo Kemper and Patty Montgomery.

Employees recognized for 30 years of service were: Jerry Burrell, Lisa Dyer, Cindy Foster, Tammy Fraker, Elizabeth Garrett, Brenda Grigg, Debi Heuerman, Tim Kastl, Lisa Lang, Teresa Lee, Theresa Quinn, Kelly Scott, Jodi Shanle, David Shepherd, Bonnie Sturm, Sue Vance and Maryetta Webb.

Employees recognized for 25 years of service were: Linda Allen, Joy Cobb, Karen Coil, Gary Jacobs, Lisa Johnson, Eva Leitch, Sally Leitch, Bob O’Rourke and Mindi O’Rourke. Employees recognized for 20 years of service were: Paula Birdsong, Lisa Christman, Karen Hamilton, Connie Heath, Angela Jordan, Nancy Knearem, Diana Martin, Bev McCoy, Charlotte Norris, Tim O’Neal, Misty Reed, Carla Thomas, Jeff Wagner, Carol Walters, David Weber, Mona Whalin, Lori Woodyard and Nancy Wurtsbaugh.

Employees recognized for 15 years of service were: Linda Ames, Melissa Ault, Annie Barber, Michael Benson, Torrie Benson, Dan Bommelje, Bridget Bonner, Philip Brewer, Tia Burnside, Kristina Bushue, Mary Childress, Patti Croy, Crystal Davis, Mike Estell, Amy Finley, Polly Gano, Retha Garver, Debbie Greenwood, Diana Haddox, Cathie Halbrook, Mary Hammond, Jacque Harwood, Colleen Hawkins, Pam Hood, April Hutchcraft, Brenda Jean, Tiffany Johns, Gretchen Jones, Keith Koester, Cindi Lee-Ladewig, Jean Lowry, Dawn Macke, Phyllis Malone, Heather Mann, Tammy Mayhood, Dick McDade, Bonnie McLane, Andrea Melton, Gena Mirick, Judy Montgomery, Carol Newby, Tami Petty, Yvette Pettyjohn, Phyllis Rankin, Charlotte Smith, Steve Smith, Charlotte Spray, Janice Sullivan, Beth Upton, Stephanie Upton, Delores Warmouth and Jodie Warner.

Employees recognized for 10 years of service were: Alexis Ayonote, Robert Blood, Virgie Bonner, Cheryl Brown, Margo Christian, Lisa Clapp, Jillian Croy, Tina Croy, Ann Dralle, Diana Finn, Kristy Gebhardt, Don Gilmore, Betsy Gisondi, Jacque Green-Brockett, Lila Hall, Loraine Horsley, Kristy Hutton, Cheryl James, Andrea Keller, Karen Kreke, Teresa Lance, John Lauer, Jhoanna Lawson, Larry Lawson, Amy Loftis, Heather Lovell, April Luchtefeld, Kay Markwell, Vickie Mathis, Heather Morton, Deb Muchow, Terry Newell, Melissa Oakley, Denise Painter, Deb Pauls, Kristy Ramert, Perry Reed, Karen Roley, Kara Sanders, Amy Schultz, Stephanie Schwengel, Judy Starwalt, Erica Stollard, Sterling Walden, Kim Wallace and Gloria Williams.

Employees recognized for five years of service were: Jane Adams, Sirena Alexander, Andrea Applegate, Asa Ashmore, Michelle Baer, Jamie Bays, Shirley Beech, Connie Bergfeld, Laura Bollan, Casey Branson, Christina Brockamp, Eric Bruns, Betty Butler, Robert Carpenter, Kyle Carter, Pam Carter, Lyndsay Chevalier, Patti Cloe, Jenifer Cooper, Shirley Cotton, Abby Craig, Jodi Creek, Becky Daniels, Nicole Davison, Jill Deitz, Hannah Dukeman, Wes Duncan, Jason Durbin, Susan Dyer, Roger Edwards, Tamera Elliott, Aaron Eubanks, Kim Flexter, Debi Ford, Alicia Freeman, Brittni Gentry, Jessica Guadiana, Jill Haake, Michele Haws, Leslie Healy, Eva Higgins, Sasha Hollman, Beth Jensen, Jessica Kapper, Cindy Kershaw, Teresa Kiesel, Todd Kracinski, Jeremy Lee, Rehann Lietz, Shawn Livingston, Trisha Louthan, Sheila Madlem, Jill Mason, Nancy Maxwell, Ashley McKay, Allison Meinhart, Julie Meinhart, Lou Mendella, Carla Mette, Jackee Metzger, Scott Meyer, Amber Miller, Pam Nease, Melissa Nichols, Andy Oberhill, Michelle Ordner, Ramie Paul, Tracy Poindexter, Lynn Portz, Karla Prince, Jamie Ralston, Jamie Rawlings, Annette Reichart, Sharon Reinhart, Mike Rilenge, Cassie Riley, Chris Roberts, Carrie Ruholl, Karen Sallee, Don Sandercock, Brittney Shuemaker, Kathy Sinnott, Lanette Stuckey, Jennie Stults, Priscilla Sullivan, Darlene Swies, Amie Szabo, Kaleigh Taylor, Darlene Temples, Tammy Thornton, Kevin Toberman, Vasty Villarreal, Troy Warner, Kathy Warren, Kelle Westjohn, Mary White, Tina White, Tonya White, Jessica Whitlatch, Julie Wieland, Ann Witges, Angie Worman, Jodi Wortham, Chelsy Wright, Veronica Wright and Janine Zabka.

Photo: Sherry Beech, who works at the Peace Meal Mattoon kitchen, is presented with SBL’s Bravo! President’s Award by SBL President and CEO Tim Ols.


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