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New Accuvein Tool Locates Veins

September 26, 2014 7:25 a.m.

  • Veins are easily located with AccuVein tool.

Nursing staff and phlebotomists often hear from their patients that it’s hard to draw blood from them because their veins roll or are difficult to locate.

With the aid of new vein-finder equipment, staff members in Sarah Bush Lincoln inpatient areas, Surgery, Special Procedures, Regional Cancer Center, Laboratory, Emergency Room, and Diagnostic Imaging have additional support to help them find hard-to-locate veins. In all, 22 AccuVein’s are in use at the Health Center.

Patient Care Services Clinical Education Director Cynthia Edwards, RN, said, “With most very ill patients, the first treatment or action taken in the ER, and on the nursing floors is to collect a blood specimen and/or insert an IV to administer fluids or provide drug administration quickly into the blood stream. That can be difficult with some of our more fragile patients. The AccuVein shines a light on the surface of the skin and the veins become visible, which makes it easier to find them.”

This tool has aided staff in several diverse situations. Edwards explained that it has been used on an elderly patient with dementia who had severe contractions in the arm, which made it difficult to find a vein. The use of it alleviated the need for any unnecessary trauma. It has been used on infants so nursing staff could find the tiny veins on the first try. It is especially helpful to new nursing graduates who do not have much experience starting an IV. The tool provides a visual guide and is used daily throughout Sarah Bush Lincoln.

Edwards added, “Our patients like it too because it allows them to see their own veins and nursing staff are able to find a viable vein for an IV or blood draw on the first try.”

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