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SBL Sunscreen Project Expands to Three New Pools

June 9, 2016 10:14 a.m.

As the summer recreation season “heats up,” the need to be conscious of the powerful effects of the sun is also enhanced.

The power of ultraviolet rays cannot be underestimated as the damage from these rays may cause a sunburn or lead to a range of long-term problems such as wrinkles or skin cancer. Medical science has shown that people who are unprotected to the sun’s harmful rays as children, are more likely to develop skin cancer as adults.

In 2008, Sarah Bush Lincoln initiated its own commitment to dealing with these problems by providing free sunscreen to the public at local pools. The first pool to have a sunscreen station was the Lytle Park Pool in Mattoon. After the initial launch, Charleston, Oakland and Casey pools received the stations and in 2016, new sunscreen stations have been established at community pools in Marshall, Shelbyville, and Tuscola.

According to Justin Grady, Lytle Park Pool manager, helping prevent skin cancer in cooperation with Sarah Bush Lincoln, is a significant contribution for the greater good of the community. He notes that it is “truly appreciated” by a lot of people. Grady said, “There are a lot of struggling families and it is really nice to have it available for people.” People can enjoy the pool with one less expense and, most importantly, protect their exposed skin as they relax and swim, he said.

Grady added that the project is a “win-win” for everybody, especially for local residents, but also for Sarah Bush Lincoln and the community pools.

Sarah Bush Lincoln Public Relations Director Patty Peterson said, “It is always a pleasure working with pool managers in our region to provide sunscreen. They are excited to have the sunscreen stations for their swimmers and we’re happy to encourage the use of sunscreen to protect people in our community from the harmful rays of the sun.”


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