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SBL Foundation Philanthropic Group Provides $550,000 in Grants Since 2004

May 17, 2018 7:53 a.m.

Sarah Bush Lincoln programs received a boost through the generosity of WomenConnected, a women’s giving circle within the Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Foundation. The group recently awarded $49,200 in grants to programs and projects within the Health System, bringing the group’s total giving to more than $550,000 in 15 years.

WomenConnected is comprised of 87 women from Coles and surrounding counties, as well as Georgia and Texas who, through their membership contributions, help fund and direct the expansion of services provided by Sarah Bush Lincoln.

The group most recently awarded 11 grants to programs including the SBL Dental Program, Healthy Communities, I Sing the Body Electric, Peace Meal, Women & Children’s Center and the Health Foundation’s Heart Center capital campaign, Life…Nothing Beats It! The awards will be available in fiscal year 19.

“Together, the women in this group are making a significant impact on peoples’ lives every day,” explained Amy Card, director, Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Foundation and WomenConnected member. “Individually these women make a membership contribution. Contributions are then pooled together into a fund that provides grants resulting in significant support to our programs and services at Sarah Bush Lincoln. And the best thing is, members have a voice on which programs they want to support. I think each member takes pride in the fact that it’s rewarding to be a part of a larger effort that is truly impacting the lives of people across our service area. And for our members to have given more than half million dollars in just 15 years, impacting hundreds, if not thousands of people, is remarkable.”

A large amount of the available funds were allotted to the SBL Dental Program to provide preventive and restorative care to area children in need and to provide oral hygiene kits to children and adults in need. Healthy Communities Director Laura Bollan said, “This dental program gives children back their smiles and relieves their oral pain, which allows them to learn, interact with others and get back to living again. It has been transformational for so many children, thanks in large part to these grant funds from WomenConnected.”

Other grant funds were awarded to I Sing the Body Electric to help fund presentations regarding cyber bullying and social media safety; fitness equipment for elementary schools that helps kids concentrate in the classroom, and a Healthy Hero Challenge rock wall to encourage children to be more active.

WomenConnected also provided funds for nutrition and women’s wellness through Peace Meal in Toledo and Mattoon, for scholarships for participants at the Center for Healthy Living and for a bereavement program for patients and families who experience an infant demise.

The group also gave $20,000 over a two-year period to the Health Foundation’s capital campaign, Life…Nothing Beats to help fund the new $31 million Heart Center.

WomenConnected members include: Avery Adams, Carol Adams, Fatima Alao, Cathy Babbs, Ann Beck, Kristen Bliss, Sally Bock, Laura Bollan, Mary Bovard, Judy Brown, Amanda Burton, Amy Card, Beth Catt, Becky Crites, Lori Cudone, Sabra Culp, Jeanne Cunningham, Jeanne Dau, Dixie Dickens, Sheila Dively, Cynthia Edwards, Samantha Eggleston, Lana Esker, Sharon Fox, Carol Jo Fritts, Laura Glenn, Kelly Green, Barb Hall, Wendy Hastings, Susie Hay, Katie Hecksel, Patty Hedges, Lisa Hernandez, Jodi Hildebrandt, Leslie Hill, Star Hill, Barbara Hoppin, Maggie Huffman, Julie Hunt, Linda Keeler, Roxanne Lilly, Karen Lindley, Kim Lockart, Joyce Madigan, Nancy Marlow, Michelle Mathews, Tracey McCord, Tess Melvin, Becky Metzger, Melanie Mills, Patty Montgomery, Laurie Mooney, Carol Myerscough, Doreen Nelms, Nancy Nguyen, Cheryl Noll, Diana Oakley, Marcia Parker, Kirsten Pentzien, Linda Perry, Patty Peterson, Jerri Pine, Bernie Pluard, Theresa Quinn, Carol Ray, Allyson Richard, Debbie Sandercock, Nancy Schilling, Karla Schubert, Diane Senteney, Karen Smith, Ruth Smith, Debbie Sparks, Erica Stollard, Colleen Stoner, Jenny Swearingen, Nancy Swits, Leslie Taggart, Edie Terwilliger, Kim Uphoff, Linda Wente, Janet White, Mary Lou Wild, Lauri DeRuiter Willems, Mary Williams, Pat Williamson and Jone Zieren

For more information about WomenConnected, contact Amy Card at 217 258-2511 or [email protected].


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