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Orthopedic Innovations Featured in Live Broadcast

August 19, 2019 11:49 a.m.

Advances in orthopedics can seem a little like science fiction, but the more physicians and scientists question the “what ifs,” the more innovative they become.

Sarah Bush Lincoln Orthopedic Surgeons Peter Bonutti, MD, and Eric Brewer, DO, along with WEIU-TV invite the community to tune into WEIU-TV at 7 pm on Tuesday, Sept. 10, for a one-hour live broadcast in which they will discuss advances in orthopedic treatment and procedures. Check the local listings for the channel in your viewing area.

Those tuning into the show may email their questions in advance to [email protected] or call them in at 1-877-727-9348 and listen as they are answered on the air.

With both the SBL Bonutti Clinic in Effingham and SBL Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in Mattoon offering biologics, patients with less severe damage to a joint could opt for non-surgical repairs that include stem cell therapy, platelet therapy and joint lubricant injections that have shown to heal arthritis and damaged joints.

Another topic covered during the hour-long live show includes osteochondral grafting, a procedure that removes healthy bone and cartilage from a donor site and plugs it into damaged areas to take root and grow.

Sarah Bush Lincoln recently purchased two MAKO units for robotic-arm assisted surgery for hip and knee replacement and partial knee replacement to enhance precision. When using the MAKO, a CT scan of the joint is taken and the images are loaded into the MAKO which computes the exact area and amount of tissue to remove during surgery. This precision makes it possible for the joint replacement to fit more exact, which improves mobility and can speed recovery.

Drs. Bonutti and Brewer will also discuss same-day hip and knee replacement; anterior hip replacement, a procedure that minimizes damage to tissue during a hip replacement and enables the person to recover much easier and with less inflammation and discomfort; and the no-tourniquet knee replacement procedure which diminishes swelling and pain for a more comfortable recovery.

Yet another innovation the physicians will discuss is muscle stimulation to decrease arthritic pain while increasing muscle strength.

For more information contact Sarah Bush Lincoln at 217 258-4011.





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