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Fayette County Hospital Signage and Name Changing

September 26, 2019 8:28 a.m.

Fayette County Hospital’s signage and name are changing to reflect its partnership with Sarah Bush Lincoln.

In July, Sarah Bush Lincoln purchased Heartland Health System, Inc., the corporation that has operated Fayette County Hospital and Fayette County Long Term Care since 2005.

The new signage includes the Sarah Bush Lincoln logo and also maintains the hospital’s identity. The new hospital name is Sarah Bush Lincoln Fayette County Hospital, and the long-term care facility is Sarah Bush Lincoln Fayette County Long Term Care. Signage at clinics located in Vandalia, St. Elmo, and Greenville will also reflect the name change.

Sarah Bush Lincoln Vice President, Operations, Kim Uphoff said, “We are very excited to make this transition with the signage and name of the facilities, but our over-arching goal is to keep the Fayette County Hospital identity because we’re proud of the hospital. It’s a wonderful facility with great staff that provides quality care.”

Sarah Bush Lincoln Fayette County Hospital CEO Greg Starnes added, “Sarah Bush Lincoln’s strong brand name and excellent reputation in the healthcare community will enhance our services and competitive edge. We already have some new Sarah Bush Lincoln specialists coming to our hospital to see patients, and this helps us to continue minimizing the need for patients to leave town to see specialists – something we have worked diligently to do.”

He added that employees of both organizations are now working together to improve the level of services to all who seek healthcare at Sarah Bush Lincoln Fayette County Hospital.