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Message from CEO

June 4, 2020 5:30 p.m.

  • Jerry Esker

In recent days, we’ve all felt frustration over racial injustice and the unraveling of humanity and I am deeply troubled.


In these painful times, words of understanding, support and reassurance are not only appropriate, but are necessary. We cannot allow our silence to be interpreted as apathy or indifference to the struggles faced by many Americans.


As the president and CEO of Sarah Bush Lincoln, I oversee the delivery of healthcare in our community. Our mission says we will provide excellent care to all and create healthy communities, yet in healthcare, numerous national studies suggest that there is great disparity in access to care based on the color of your skin. In fact, the evidence is so dramatic that it is called a critical social determinant of health. I don’t have to look any further than COVID-19 to know that nationally, the virus had a disproportionate impact on racial and ethnic minority groups. I stand by Sarah Bush Lincoln’s mission to provide care for all . Our doors are always open to those who need medical help.


Racism comes cloaked in many forms, and without vigilance, it seeps into the cracks and crevasses of communities. My profound hope is that the arc of humanity is bending toward goodness and peace and people will find common ground on which to build a brighter future. I will do what I can to clear the path.