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Giron Named Daisy Award Recipient

January 15, 2021 3:36 p.m.

  • Lucas Giron, RN, Daisy Award Recipient

Lucas Giron, BSN, RN, was honored with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses at Sarah Bush Lincoln on Jan. 13.

Giron was nominated by a patient for providing compassion and levity during her hospitalization. In her nomination letter, she wrote in part:

“Lucas Giron was fantastic. He knew how much pain I was in from what the night shift nurse told him during seamless handoffs, and he stayed on top of my pain and didn’t let it get out of control. There were two instances when I had to be taken for an MRI and CT needle biopsy. He knew both were going to be very traumatic for me because of my back spasms and because I couldn’t get in and out of a bed, or off of the MRI table. He worked carefully to make sure that I was as medicated as possible. He was by my side and made sure that I knew that when I returned from each test he would take care of me and make sure that I was out of pain as quickly as possible. He used humor to help me forget about my pain.

He talked to my surgeon after each procedure so that he could explain what happened and the next steps as usually I was medicated and couldn’t recall. I asked him several times to repeat what happened because I kept forgetting and he did it without making me feel bad. He joked with me a lot and kept my spirits up He checked in on me to ensure that I was ordering food as I didn’t have any visitors. He deserves an award for his great service because he was great.  When I have to come back in a few weeks for surgery, and if I have to stay, I hope that he’s my nurse because he is the best that I’ve ever had or interacted with personally, including our family members’ interactions in other hospitals in the area.”

Sarah Bush Lincoln has joined more than 2,700 healthcare facilities by becoming a DAISY Award hospital partner. During the award presentation, Person received a certificate, a DAISY Award pin and a unique, hand-carved serpentine stone sculpture from Zimbabwe, entitled, “A Healer’s Touch.”

The DAISY Award was established in memory of J. Patrick Barnes, who died at 33 of complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), a little known but not uncommon auto-immune disease. (DAISY is an acronym for diseases attacking the immune system.) The care Patrick and his family received from nurses while he was ill inspired this unique means of thanking nurses for making a profound difference in the lives of their patients and families.

Patients, visitors, nurses, physicians and other employees may nominate a deserving nurse for The Daisy Award and a nurse will be selected by SBL’s DAISY committee every month to receive this special honor. Nomination forms are located at and at all SBL clinics and on patient floors. The forms can be submitted to any Sarah Bush Lincoln staff member, or sent via email to [email protected] or mail to Sarah Bush Lincoln, DAISY Nursing Award, 1000 Health Center Drive, Mattoon, IL 61938. For more information, SBL DAISY interim coordinator, Tracey McCord, RN, at (217) 238-4987 or [email protected].




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