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Advanced Wound Center Celebrates Award, Anniversary

August 5, 2022 11:13 a.m.

  • Advanced Wound Center, Center of Distinction Award, Healogics

The SBL Advanced Wound Center (AWC) celebrates its 10th anniversary with an award that recognizes its continued excellence.

The Advanced Wound Center was awarded the 2021 Center of Distinction Award by Healogics, receiving the award
for its outstanding clinical performance and high patient satisfaction rates.

Director Greg Spillman said the award is proof of the staff’s quality of work.

“We’re getting the recognition for our efforts, which is nice, but it just validates everything that we try to do to take care of the patient,” he said.

To receive the award, a clinic has to meet certain criteria set by Healogics, which is the contracting company that partners with the center.

Greg said patient satisfaction has to be greater than 92 percent, the comprehensive healing rate must be more than 80 percent, and the number of outliers has to be under 16 percent. To reach such levels of success and maintain it, the center keeps its goal in focus.

“Our goal is to have everybody 100 percent healed in less than 14 weeks. We see our patients weekly, typically it’s eight or nine weeks to get them fully healed,” Greg explained.

A wall in the clinic displays the staff’s long-term distinction, as the AWC holds awards for every year from 2016 to present. In 2016, the center received the Center of Distinction Award, and

in 2017, the AWC received the Robert A. Warriner II, M.D. Center of Excellence Award.

The Advanced Wound Center was awarded the Healogics President’s Circle Award in 2018, which Greg said signified the center as among the top five percent of wound centers in the nation at the time. Then, in 2019 and 2020, the clinic received two more Center of Distinction Awards.

This year, the clinic received its award on the cusp of its 10-year anniversary, which was on July 25.

Greg said it’s amazing that the center is hitting a milestone like that, and what stands out the most is how much it’s grown since it opened in 2012.

When he took over, Greg said the center only had four half days of clinic and four providers, who worked a morning or afternoon depending on their schedules. Now, the center is open five full days a week, with one full-time provider and a few others who report a few days each week.

Patient care and satisfaction are the top priority for the Advanced Wound Center staff, and with another award commemorating that, it’s evident that the clinic’s continued excellence is noticed!


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