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1000 Health Center Drive
(217) 258-2525

UIC, DSCC Core Program

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1102 S. West St.
Olney, IL 62450

Telephone Numbers and Contact Information:

(618) 395-8461
(618) 392-3869 TDD
(888) 841-3232 Toll Free
(618) 395-2902 Fax

Email to:

Program Details:

Program/Service Notes:

DSCC guides families through their child’s journey with a medical condition and works with doctors, schools and community groups to create a seamless support system. We draw on our the relationships and expertise our staff has built over the last 80-plus years to address a child’s medical, social, behavioral, educational and financial needs and develop a plan of care. This process is called care coordination and is free for all children who have eligible medical conditions, regardless of their family’s income level.
For a list of DSCC's regional offices throughout the state, visit

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