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1000 Health Center Drive
(217) 258-2525

Eastern Illinois Foodbank - Volunteer Opportunities

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Urbana, IL 61802

Telephone Numbers and Contact Information:

(217) 328-3663
(217) 328-3670 Fax

Web Page:

Program Details:

Program/Service Notes:

The Foodbank is licensed to acquire, store,
maintain, and distribute quantities of food products and essential food to hungry
people through a network of partnership agencies in eastern Illinois, and as a
recognized affiliate of America's Second Harvest, serves as a redistribution link
between food manufactures/suppliers and the agencies that respond to hunger needs,
malnutrition and food insecurity. Volunteers are desired on a regular or sporadic
schedule to receive and sort food products. Individuals or groups are welcomed to
provide an extremely meaningful community service. The Foodbank gratefully accepts
gift support in the form of food and food products, property assets, planned gifts
and cash donations, as well as gifts of community volunteer service.

Last Updated: July 14, 2016, 11:53 a.m.