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PROM-ise Program Encourages Safe Prom

April 28, 2015 1:44 p.m.

Five area high schools have partnered with Sarah Bush Lincoln’s I Sing the Body to do their part to encourage teens to have a safe and happy prom this year.

Casey-Westfield, Cumberland, Martinsville, Neoga and Windsor high schools participated in the PROM-ise program in order to deliver an important message to teens on prom night – have an alcohol and drug-free celebration. Body Electric designed cards and posters with the school’s prom theme and delivered them to the schools. The following message was printed on the cards.

On this milestone occasion, we ask you to please start your future with wonderful memories, not sad regrets. An alcohol and drug-free celebration will assure that your high school memories will be cherished for years to come! …Because we care! Body Electric & Sarah Bush Lincoln

The cards were displayed on tables at prom as well as distributed to the students as a reminder to celebrate prom responsibly. “Prom night is such a high-risk time for teens. We want to remind them to make healthy choices on this special night,” project coordinator Julie Meinhart said. “That’s why it’s important for everyone to work together to find ways to keep them safe.” According to the Illinois Youth Survey, 60 percent of 12th grade students have consumed alcohol in the past year.

I Sing the Body Electric is a Sarah Bush Lincoln program that uses the arts to communicate healthy lifestyle choices among youth. For more information about I Sing the Body Electric, visit or call 888-550-7464.


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