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Best You Participants on the Journey to Better Health

February 13, 2015 9:51 a.m.

During the next six months, three individuals will follow a journey to become the healthiest versions of themselves they can be.

During the month of December, Sarah Bush Lincoln held an open contest to all employees asking them to submit an application to participate in the Best You campaign. The received winners of the Best You contest would win a free six-month membership to the Center for Healthy Living, along with an exercise specialist to put them on a personalized training plan and a nutritionist to help guide their food choices.

More than twenty employees applied, and although each personal story was compelling, a team of employees from the Center for Healthy Living selected the three winners based on their personal health challenges.

The Best You employees are Lisa Watton, LPN at Family Medical Center Mattoon; Connie Bergfeld, Care Coordinator in the Emergency Department and Bryan Drake, Environmental Services.

Each week the Best You participants will provide a written testimonial to the Sarah Bush Lincoln blog, WellNotes, engaging readers on their progress. Readers can also view video interviews and pictures of the participants during the next six months.

The participants hope that by sharing their journey to better health, it will encourage others to make positive health choices in their own lives.

Follow the Best You participants each week on the Sarah Bush Lincoln blog, WellNotes, at or click on the blog icon at the top of the Sarah Bush Lincoln homepage at

For more information on the Best You campaign contact Kayla Gilbert, Public Relations at (217) 258-4011.


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